Videos with Hans Andeweg about the Organism Europe, the origin of ECOintention and how we can heal Europe in these transformational times.

Video Part 1 – Predictions about the organism Europe and the origin of ECOintention

It is 1989. Hear Irene Lutz’s predictions about current Europe. This is the basis of resonance therapy and later ECOintention. The organism Europe is found. The cooperation with representatives of the Dutch and Czech government leads to several healing projects in Bohemia, the heart of Europe.

President Michael Gorbachev hears about this and wants similar projects in Russia. We were doing well, but what went wrong then?

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We apologize for short interruptions at the beginning of this video by students who were not on mute.

Video Part 2 – Everything changes. Can we still heal Europe in present times?

It is 2015 when the predicted streams with refugees come. The climate is changing rapidly and Europe is in danger of falling apart. Can we heal Europe with the help of ECOintention Practitioners, students and local guardians?

Does the organism Europe still exist? Together we find holon 29, we develop projects in Eastern Europe and make incredible discoveries; Help 2 Heal Europe – it’s possible in a new way, where everyone contributes in their own unique way!

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