The Organism Europe

The Organism Europe consists of 33 holons

Europe is a living organism. From the Azores till the Ural Mountains. From the North Cape till the Mediterranean. The organism Europe consists of 33 holons, or parts, each with its own unique function and characteristics. Center for ECOintention discovered this organism in the early 1990s. Since then, it has evolved and changed. (The numbers are random.) 

Queen Europe

Shortly after their discovery, ECOintention founders Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols received an old map from 1570 showing Queen Europe. This map had a similar shape and confirmed their findings.

Queen Europe – Above a map of Europe from 1570 in the shape of a queen holding a scepter and orb, with Portugal as her crown, Spain as her face, and Bohemia as her heart.

Vitality and cooperation

The shape of a holon is determined by its geographical location and the geological structures in the Earth’s crust. A holon has a specific function, just like an organ. The vitality and cooperation of each holon is essential for the health of Europe. Everything is connected in a living whole. What happens in one part of Europe affects the rest of it.

The energy of Europe

An energy scan, conducted by Center for ECOintention, expert in managing the energy of large ecosystems, revealed that most of the 33 holons in Europe have low life energy. Only the holons with the Azores and Scandinavia are healthy. The vitality and self-organization of the purple holons is low. In all gray and black holons, disintegrating forces are at work. This has a negative effect on social, ecological and economic processes.


When the energy of a system is low, disintegrating forces can take their course. Parts start to act individually and selfishly, trying to protect themselves against external influences. The negative effects of this are felt across the social, ecological, and economic domains. Currently this is happening on a large scale all over Europe.

The results of the scan prompted us to launch Help2Heal Europe, which aims to bring healthy energy and flow into Europe’s ecosystems.