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There is an important role for people living nearby the Help2Heal Europe projects. While a team of ECOintention Practitioners improves and maintains the energy remotely, a local group, called guardians, directs the energy to their area, their holon and to Europe as a whole. This contribution is essential to make the project a success.

The guardians focus their attention and intention towards specific goals they define on regional, national and international level. Everyone can do this. It does not require any specific knowledge or skills. Everything consists for 99,9999999999% of life energy, as quantum physics state. Life energy is fed by attention and directed by intention.

Each healing project has a local guardian group of 2-12 people. They know what happens in the area, give feedback to the Help2Heal Europe team, and do healings on site. Once a week they concentrate on their goals for the area, their holon and Europe. In regular calls they exchange experiences with the Help2Heal Europe team.

A guardian group is trained and coached by the Help2Heal Europe team. Team members visit the area once a year for workshops and energetic observations on site.

Join Help2Heal Europe as healer

We believe that healing is not limited to a select few; its a gift that should be accessible to all. Thats why we invite and encourage everyone to connect with the energy of the Healing System. By stepping into this collective energy, individuals can contribute to restoration and rejuvenation of the nature in their Holon.

Healing System Workshops

To facilitate the learning and practice of this transformative healing process, the Help2Heal Europe Foundation organizes workshops. These Workshops provide a nuturing space where participants can aquire the necessary knowledge and skills to harness the healing energy and direct it towards the natural world. 

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The Help2Heal Europe Foundation is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. There are no sources of income. We live on gifts / subsidies / donations. Costs are incurred to visit the Help2Heal Europe projects and to support the work of local guardian groups. We welcome everyone who wants to sponsor our work.

Sponsor a Help2Heal Europe project with just €10 a year. With this  support you ensure that 1 hectare of nature becomes healthy. 1 hectare is equivalent to the size of a soccer field.

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Help2Heal Europe has been designated by the Dutch government as an institution of public benefit (ANBI). This means that sponsors, under certain conditions, can deduct their donations from income or corporate tax.