How To Heal Europe?


We use the method of ECOintention to improve the vitality and health of Europe. This method brings healthy energy and flow into ecosystems and organizations. It combines modern science with ancient wisdom. The effect of ECOintention is visible and measurable with increasing vitality and health in ecosystems, often combined with a greater biodiversity. In organizations it brings greater productivity, more free time, happy staff, and better financial results. ECOintention is for more than 25 years succesfully applied in numerous international projects.

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The basic principle of ECOintention is Mind Moves Matter. This goes beyond mind over matter

Help2Heal Europe Projects

Help2Heal Europe works in three major nature reserves per holon. Most of the projects are situated at key acupuncture areas. As the energy of the three projects becomes fully balanced, an overarching ‘Healing System’ is defined. Through this system the three projects bundle and enhance their energetic power to contribute to the healing of the entire holon and beyond.


The work of Help2Heal Europe is carried out by teams of ECOintention Practitioners, who ensure the energetic balancing of the project. The practitioners cooperate with a guardian group of local, commited citizens who support the healing on site.

The guardians give feedback about the development of the project, and direct the energy to goals that are important for their area, their holon and for Europe as a whole. This is essential to make each project a success.

Good energy

Low energy has negative impact on everything. A good energetic condition is the basis for diversity and prosperity. Good, flowing energy brings health and vitality. Each situation with low life energy can be healed. Everyone can learn to heal.

Join our existing guardian groups or develop your own guardian group. We will assist you! You can also support Help2Heal Europe by sponsoring us.

Join our existing guardian groups, develop your own guardian group or become a Help2Heal Europe healer. We will assist you! You can also support Help2Heal Europe by sponsoring us.

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