Project Europe Energetics

The Project wants to contribute to the healing of Europe with ECOintention and other energetic methods in co-operation with local people. It welcomes all religions, has no political goals, and invites all Europeans to participate. Project Europe Energetics is an initiative of Center for ECOintention.

Queen Europe – Above a map of Europe from 1570 in the shape of a queen holding a scepter and orb, with Portugal as her crown, Spain as her face, and Bohemia as her heart.


Partners Project Europe Energetics

  • Club of Budapest International Network
  • The Hague Center for Global Governance (NL)
  • Ubiquity University (US)


  • Join an existing guardian group
  • Develop new healing projects
  • Start a guardian group
  • Sponsor Project Europe Energetics



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The organism Europe

Europe is a living entity, an organism with the Ural Mountains and the Volga River as the eastern border. The southern border goes through the Mediterranean. The islands of the Azores are the most western part, followed by Ireland, Scotland and Norway. The North Cape and the Kola peninsula form the northern border.

A discovery
Hans Andeweg – founder of Center for ECOintention – and others discovered the organism Europe at the beginning of the nineties of the last century. Since then it has evolved. Later they received an old map from 1570 showing Queen Europe. This map had a similar shape and confirmed their findings.

The natural parts of Europe
The organism Europe consists of thirty-three parts, called holons. The shape of a holon is determined by its geographical location and geological structures in the earth’s crust. This foundation influences the biological, social and cultural processes. Each holon has, just like an organ, a special function.

Everything is connected in a living whole. What happens in the east affects the west. The north can not do without the south and vice versa. The vitality and co-operation of the holons is essential for the health of Europe.

Everything is energy

Quantum mechanics says that everything is energy. Good, flowing energy is the basis for positive development and growth. A system that is in good (energetic) condition has high diversity and complexity. All parts develop towards a higher level.

When energy is low, the system tends to desintegrate. Parts start acting individually and selfishly. They protect themselves against external influences. The whole is no longer more than the sum of the parts. Ego over eco applies.

How healthy is Europe?
The energy scan made by the Center for ECOintention shows that most of the holons have (very) low energy. Only the holons with the Azores and Scandinavia are healthy. The vitality of the purple holons is low. In all gray and black holons, disintegrating forces are at work. This has a negative effect on social processes, and all ecological and economic systems

Project Europe Energetics
The results of the energy scan were the reason to start Project Europe Energetics. The Project aims to contribute to the healing of Europe with ECOintention and other energetic methods in co-operation with local people.

Important acupuncture areas
Everything is energy and has an energetic structure. We find this in our acupuncture meridians and chakras. The Earth has energy grids and ley lines. Like every organism, Europe has important acupuncture areas. Churches and mosques have been built here in ancient times.

Where to start healing Europe?
We wanted to find the most important acupuncture areas in Europe. Where could energetic balancing have the most effect on local, national and international level? In which holon, is healing needed first to provide Europe as a whole with good energy?

The color gradient from light yellow to dark purple indicates the importance of a holon for the healing of Europe. The number of the holons are accidental and have no meaning .

Central Europe is the key
From a healing point of view, holon 29 in Central Europe is the most important. It includes parts of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. Holon 33 with Paris and the north of France is also of great importance.

Center for ECOintention has developed three large scale projects in holon 29 of at least 10.000 ha in natural areas with high transformation potential. Two are situated in Hungarian National Parks and one in the Polish Beskid Mountains, south of Krakow.

The power of intention

All the ancient cultures had a name for life energy: Ch’I, prana, mana, ki etc. Science calls it zero-point energy. Life energy is fed by attention and directed by intention. That is why anyone can improve the health and vitality of nature and organizations.

The basic ECOintention principle is mind moves matter.

What is ECOintention?
ECOintention is a method to bring healthy energy and flow into ecosystems and organizations. It combines modern science with ancient wisdom in a practical method. ECOintention is the application of Mind over Matter on large scale.

Measurable effects
The effect of ECOintention is visible and measurable with increasing vitality and health in ecosystems. For organizations it results in greater productivity and healthy people.

25 years experience
Center for ECOintention has more than 25 years experience in applying the method in numerous projects at small and large scale. It organizes the ECOintention Practitioner vocational training which is officially registered in the Netherlands.

Co-operation with local people
ECOintention Practitioners improve the energy of the healing projects, but local people – guardians – direct the energy to goals that are important for their area, their holon and for Europe as a whole. This is essential to make each healing project a success. Together we heal.

Join a guardian group
A healing project has a guardian group of 6-12 local people. They know what happens in the project, give feedback on the ECOintention balancing and do healings on site. Once a week they concentrate on their goals. In a monthly call they exchange experiences and formulate new goals for the project.

Training and coaching
A guardian group is trained and coached by Center for ECOintenton. ECOintention Practitioners visit the project twice a year for workshops and energetic observations on site.

Healing projects
A minimum of three large scale healing projects need to be developed in an European holon to energize the whole. In the long run, the vital holons will form an epi-system that will energetically support the health of organism Europe.

Mother Earth
We hope a healthy and vital organism Europe will have a positive effect on ecological, cultural, social and economic processes, and will contribute to the well-being of our most valuable ecosystem: Mother Earth.